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Intrinsically Safe Radar Life Detector YSR25

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YSR25 Intrinsically Safe Radar Life Detector

Developer: Beijing Tianbita Technology Co., Ltd.

概述 1 Overview

本安型雷达生命探测仪是一种微波生命探测设备, 适用于在自由空间和穿透非金属介质进行生命探测,主要用来对被掩埋在倒塌建筑物、废墟、土壤中的人类幸存者或对烟、雾等环境中的人类生命体进行探测搜寻。 YSR25 Intrinsically Safe Radar Life Detector is a microwave life detection device, suitable for life detection in free space and penetration of non-metallic media. It is mainly used for human survivors buried in collapsed buildings, ruins and soil Or search for human life in smoke, fog and other environments. 体积小、重量轻、结构简单、人机界面好、操作简便、抗干扰能力强、环境适应性强等特点。 It has the characteristics of small size, light weight, simple structure, good man-machine interface, easy operation, strong anti-interference ability and strong environmental adaptability.

★ The product is selected into the list of new technologies and new products (services), and a certificate is provided. The selected information network can be checked. "

Composition and working principle

2.1 Composition

The YSR25 intrinsically safe radar life detector is mainly composed of a radar detector and a display controller. It also includes a backup battery, a radar detector charger, a display controller charger, a packing box and a sponge lining.

2.2 Working principle

采用超宽带探测雷达技术,通过超宽带天线向外辐射电磁脉冲,当天线前方遇到人体生命活动,如呼吸、心跳、身体蠕动等,会反射载有人体生命特征信号的电磁波,对该信号处理后,还原成人体生命特征,并在显示控制器上显示探测结果,从而实现“生命探测”的功能。 Intrinsically Safe Radar Life Detector uses ultra-wideband detection radar technology to radiate electromagnetic pulses through an ultra-wideband antenna. When the antenna encounters human life activities, such as breathing, heartbeat, and body peristalsis, it will reflect signals containing human life characteristics. After processing this signal, the electromagnetic wave of the human body restores the vital characteristics of the human body, and displays the detection result on the display controller, thereby realizing the function of "life detection".

Use only on the ground before stating that safety standards have not been obtained!

主要性能和技术参数 3 main performance and technical parameters

探测距离: 张角为120 ° 的圆锥体区域,最大探测距离超过 Detection distance: the cone area with an opening angle of 120 ° , the maximum detection distance exceeds 25m Depending on the site environment, the detection distance will be affected to some extent ;

目标响应时间: < 50s ②Target response time: < 50s ;

穿透能力: 可穿透非金属障碍物进行探测。 Penetration ability: can penetrate non-metallic obstacles for detection. 5m 的人体呼吸信号或三道砖混结构承重墙后 5m 的人体运动信号 Reference data: Human respiratory signal 5m behind two brick-concrete structure bearing walls or human motion signal 5m behind three brick-concrete structure bearing walls ;

无线通讯能力:雷达探测器与显示控制器之间的无遮挡、无线通讯距离超过50m ④Wireless communication capability: the unobstructed between the radar detector and the display controller, and the wireless communication distance exceeds 50m ;

测距精度: ≤± 0.5m(无遮挡状态下) Ranging accuracy: ≤ ± 0.5m ( Unblocked ) ;

工作温度: 雷达探测器-10 ℃~ +50 ℃; ⑥Working temperature: Radar detector -10 ℃ ~ +50 ℃;

                   ℃~ +60 Display controller -30 ℃ ~ +60 ;

连续工作时间: 5h Continuous working time: 5h   .

Packaging and marking

包装 4.1 Packaging

× 500mm × 350mm ,橙色;箱体具有较强的防尘、防水、防腐性能,即使在恶劣环境也可有效保护箱体内设备;包装箱内部为防静电海绵内衬,预先切成所需的形状,用于放置各种配件。 This equipment is packed in a high impact engineering plastic injection molding packaging box. The outer diameter of the box is 600mm × 500mm × 350mm , orange. The box has strong dustproof, waterproof, and anticorrosive properties, which can effectively protect the box even in harsh environments. In-body equipment; the inside of the box is lined with an anti-static sponge, which is cut into the required shape in advance and used to place various accessories.

标志 4.2 Logo

4.2.1    The name of the manufacturer, product name, product number, and place of origin are marked on the outer packaging box and the radar detector nameplate.

4.2.2    Outer box and radar detector text sign

Use operation

展开及探测方式。 5.1 Deployment and detection methods.

Place the radar detector in a suitable position with the detection surface facing the area to be detected. During the detection process, radar detectors can be placed at different locations for detection according to the site environment and conditions. The detection method is as follows:

① Top-down detection: When rescuers need to detect under the rubble to determine whether there are trapped persons, they can choose to place the radar on the rubble, and the rescuers can directly use the display controller to quickly find the trapped persons.

可以将雷达从侧面用支架架起,探测被困人员的具体状况。 ② Side detection: When it is impossible to detect directly from the top of the ruins , the radar can be erected from the side with a bracket to detect the specific situation of the trapped person.

③ Suspended detection: Restricted by the on-site environment, rescuers cannot reach the disaster occurrence place in close range. They can suspend the radar with hooks to detect the ruins in various directions.

雷达开机。 5.2 The radar is turned on.

所示,将电源打开。 ① Press the power switch of the radar detector, as shown in Figure 2 , and turn on the power.

所示,将拨码开关向右拨到“ on ”,则显示控制器电源打开,屏幕显示图5所示的开机界面,系统将自动建立Wi-Fi无线通信网络。 ② The power switch of the display controller is located on the bottom side of the display controller. As shown in Figure 4 , turn the DIP switch to the right to " on ", the power of the display controller is turned on, and the boot interface shown in Figure 5 is displayed on the screen. Automatically establish Wi-Fi wireless communication network.

5.3         Enter the radar detection software .

所示的2键),屏幕将显示雷达探测软件快捷方式,如下图6所示。 After the display controller establishes a wireless connection with the radar detector, press the "Quick Access Key" soft key ( 2 key shown in Figure 3 ), and the screen will display the radar detection software shortcut, as shown in Figure 6 below.

雷达开启界面。 Click the radar software shortcut, the screen will display the radar opening interface as shown in Figure 7 . 后,进入软件工作界面,见图8 ,根据雷达的最大对空探测距离,工作界面自动划分为03m36m69m912m1215m1518m1821m2124m八个区域。 After waiting for 2s , enter the software working interface, as shown in Figure 8. According to the radar's maximum air-to-air detection distance, the working interface is automatically divided into 0 to 3m , 3 to 6m , 6 to 9m , 9 to 12m , 12 to 15m , and 15 to 18m. , 18 to 21m and 21 to 24m eight areas. The wireless network connection logo, the start detection soft key, the stop detection soft key, the view result soft key, the operation selection soft key, the radar status, and the detection result display area will appear on the screen.

雷达软件开启界面 Figure 7 Radar software start interface

时间(视工作现场复杂程度而定),配置完成后无线网络标识显示“ 已连接 ”,雷达状态为“ 设备就绪 Working status configuration: After entering the software working interface, the display controller will automatically configure the wireless network and radar working status with the radar detector. The configuration process takes about 2s (depending on the complexity of the work site). After the configuration is complete, the wireless network The logo shows " connected " and the radar status is " device ready " .

模式选择。 5.4 Mode selection.

0 米位置开始探测。 Before starting detection, you can select the mode. If you do not perform this step, the system will select the default detection mode, that is, the multi-target mode starts detection from the 0 meter position. 9 示。 The software interface is shown in Figure 9 after clicking the "Operation Selection" softkey .

0 米、 ……21 米指的是雷达探测区域的起始位置,单目标模式指的是在雷达探测过程从所选择的起始位置开始探测若检测到目标人体即自行停止雷达,如下图 10 所示。 Here 0 meters, …… 21 meters refer to the starting position of the radar detection area, and single target mode refers to the detection starting from the selected starting position during the radar detection process. If the target human body is detected, the radar will stop automatically, as shown in the figure below. 10 shown.

21 ~24 米)结束才自行停止雷达。 Multi-target mode refers to the detection process starting from the selected starting position in the radar detection process, no matter whether the target human body is detected or not, the radar will continue to detect subsequent areas until the end of the last segment ( 21 to 24 meters). Only stop the radar by itself. 11 所示。 As shown in Figure 11 .

开始和停止探测。 5.5 Start and stop detection.

”,命令发送完成后将提示“ 发送命令成功! ”,雷达探测器将从人为设定区域开始探测或从系统默认的0m开始扫描03m目标区域,雷达状态栏将显示“ 正在探测0—3.. ”,显示控制器上对应的03m区域将不断闪烁,同时屏幕上会显示当前区域并记录探测用时时间,见图12Use the stylus to tap the " Start Detection " soft key on the screen, the display controller will send work instructions to the radar detector, and the radar status bar will display " Sending Command ... ". After the command is sent, it will prompt " Send command succeeded! ", The radar detector will detect from the artificially set area or scan the 0 ~ 3m target area from the default 0m of the system. The radar status bar will display " Detection 0 ~ 3 meters ... " The corresponding 0 to 3m area on the controller will flash continuously, and the current area will be displayed on the screen and the detection time will be recorded, as shown in Figure 12 .

13 所示。 It takes a certain amount of time to perform radar data collection and analysis in each segment of the detection process to determine whether there is a human target in this segment. If a suspected human target is found in the middle, the results are displayed, as shown in Figure 13 .

0 3m 区域内有人体目标,系统会在 75s 内锁定目标,并会弹出一个“小红人”,同时显示控制器会发出“嘟嘟嘟”三声报警声,在探测结果显示区内显示目标距离雷达探测器的距离,即目标压埋深度。 If there is a human target in the measured 0 to 3m area, the system will lock the target within 75s , and a “little red man” will pop up, and the display controller will issue three “beep” alarm sounds. The distance between the target and the radar detector is displayed in the area, that is, the target's buried depth. After locking the target, the radar will work according to the preset working mode. If the single target mode is selected, the radar will stop working automatically. If the multi target mode is selected, the radar will automatically jump to the next detection area for detection. 14 所示。 As shown in Figure 14 .

3m区域无目标,系统在进行必要的核实、确认过程后会自动进入下一区域进行探测。 If there is no target in the 0 ~ 3m area, the system will automatically enter the next area for detection after performing the necessary verification and confirmation process. 21 24 米探测区域的扫描、探测后会自动停止本次探测过程。 If there is no living body target in the measured area, the radar will automatically stop the detection process after scanning and detecting the detection area of 21 to 24 meters.

,也可以停止探测过程,系统将返回到图8界面。 During scanning and detection, the operator can use the stylus to click the " Stop Detection " soft key on the screen. The detection process can also be stopped, and the system will return to the interface shown in Figure 8 .

Press "Start Detection Key" to start detection again.


本安型雷达生命探测仪具备无线网络自动配置、连接功能,显示控制器在出厂前已经配置完毕,使用人员不能随意修改其设置选项 或执行其他无关操作,以免影响系统工作。 The YSR25 intrinsically safe radar life detector has wireless network automatic configuration and connection functions. The display controller has been configured before leaving the factory. Users cannot modify their setting options or perform other unrelated operations at will, so as not to affect the system work.

If the wireless network cannot be connected normally due to abnormal conditions, please turn off the power of the radar detector and then turn it on again, and restart the display controller.5分钟后再进行探测。 In order to achieve the effect of the device, it is recommended that the device be warmed up for 3 to 5 minutes before detection.

查看探测结果。 5.6 View the detection results.

,会弹出图15所示画面,可以查看本次或以往探测结果的记录。 After completing a detection operation and the radar is in the "stop detection" state, use the stylus to tap the " View Results " soft key on the screen. The screen shown in Figure 15 will pop up, and you can view the record of this or previous detection results.

返回系统键 ”软键则退出雷达软件,返回至显示控制器主界面。 Click the " Stop Detection / Return System Key " soft key to exit the radar software and return to the main interface of the display controller.

5.7         Distance correction.

In practical applications, the distance correction is a compensation method for the convenience of the operator to make more judgments on the target position based on the ruins of the job site and the radar detection results.

The distance correction values of common coal mine materials are shown in the table below.

Object name

Thickness ( cm )

Dielectric constant

Distance correction ( cm )






















Because electromagnetic waves travel slower in the medium than air, the display distance of the display controller will be greater than the actual position of the target in actual applications. Therefore, the display distance information needs to be corrected. The displayed distance value minus the correction value is closer to the target. Real location.


关机操作。 5.8 Shutdown operation.

返回系统键 ”(见图31键)将退出雷达探测软件。 Pressing the " stop detection / return system key " of the display controller (see key 1 in Fig. 3 ) will exit the radar detection software.

所示,将显示控制器电源开关向左拨至“ off ”位置即可关闭显示控制器电源开关。 As shown in Figure 4 , the display controller power switch can be turned off by turning the display controller power switch to the left to the " off " position.

Then press the radar detector "power key" to turn off the radar detector.

更换雷达探测器电池操作 5.9 Replace the radar detector battery operation .

本安型雷达生命探测仪的雷达探测器配备了两块可充电锂离子电池,其插拔、更换步骤如下,见图16 The YSR25 intrinsically safe radar life detector's radar detector is equipped with two rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. The steps for inserting, removing, and replacing them are shown in Figure 16 .

° (见图16-1和图16-2) Step 1: Turn the knob on the battery compartment of the radar detector to the left 45 ° ( see Figure 16-1 and Figure 16-2)

见图16-3) Step 2: Hold the knob firmly to pull out the battery ( see Figure 16-3)

见图16-4) Step 3: Exit the battery body in the direction of the mounting rail ( see Figure 16-4)

见图16-5) Step 4: Slide the new battery firmly in the direction of the mounting rail and lock it ( see Figure 16-5)

),插到位后把旋钮向右转动45°恢复到图16-1的正常状态。 Step 5: Insert the new battery into the battery compartment (see Figure 16-6 ). After inserting it into place, turn the knob to the right by 45 ° to restore the normal state shown in Figure 16-1 .

Notes for use:

以外,保持静止,以免造成虚警。 (1) The operator should stand behind the radar surface of the radar detector and keep it still 5 meters away from the radar detector during detection to avoid false alarms.

(2) When changing the detection position, depending on the distance, the radar detector can be moved with or without shutdown.

(3) Each time you click the control button, you should wait for a certain period of time to ensure that the command is sent successfully, and the system completes this command before proceeding to the next step. Prevent frequent clicks between different control buttons.

(4) Exit the radar detection software normally before turning off the power of the radar detector.

(5) Electromagnetic waves cannot penetrate large-area metal obstacles. Do not directly detect large-area metal obstacles.

本安型雷达生命探测仪发射的电磁波长时间(超过30min )对人体进行直接照射时,会对人体造成一定伤害。 (6) When the electromagnetic wavelength time (more than 30min ) emitted by YSR25 intrinsic safety radar life detector is directly irradiated on the human body, it will cause certain harm to the human body. Therefore, personnel should avoid being irradiated for a long time when the power is on.

本安型雷达生命探测仪正常工作,应使用原厂配件以及充电器等。 (7) To ensure the normal operation of YSR25 intrinsically safe radar life detector, original accessories and chargers should be used.

常见故障分析及排除 6 common fault analysis and troubleshooting

本安型雷达生命探测仪是一款高科技探测设备,在复杂电磁环境下有可能受到强电磁干扰,其表现形式为在探测过程中长时间( 89秒)无结果返回 YSR25 Intrinsically Safe Radar Life Detector is a high-tech detection device, which may be subject to strong electromagnetic interference in a complex electromagnetic environment. Its manifestation is that it returns without results for a long time ( 89 seconds) during the detection process.





Serial number

Failure phenomenon

the reason

Method of exclusion



After the radar is turned on, the wireless network of the display controller cannot be connected normally.

电磁干扰。 Electromagnetic interference.

检查使用现场是否存在较强的电磁干扰源或将设备进行了不当的遮挡和屏蔽,如果有设法排除。 Check whether there is a strong electromagnetic interference source at the use site or improperly shield and shield the equipment.


雷达探测器电量耗尽。 ② The power of the radar detector is exhausted.

更换电池。 Replace the battery.


显示控制器系统死机。 ③ The controller system freezes.

③ Restart the display controller.



The display controller does not start.

① The battery is exhausted.

电池充电。 ① The battery is charged.


② The display controller is damaged.

② Return to the factory for repair.


维护保养 7 Maintenance

日常保养 7.1 Daily maintenance

7.1.1    本安型雷达生命探测仪进行保养。 After each use, follow the steps below to maintain the YSR25 intrinsically safe radar life detector.

Step 1: Turn off the power and unplug the external power cord, and remove all the connecting cables;

Step 2: Use a small vacuum cleaner to suck out the dust from the connection port, keyboard gap, etc .;

Step 3: Slightly dampen with a dry cloth and wipe the parts gently.

7.1.2    Charging the battery .

The radar detector and display controller are powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. After daily use, if the battery is found to be insufficient, the battery should be charged in time. The specific charging method is as follows:

(1)         Radar Detector Charging

Charging method:

        Remove the charger from the radar detector.

        ),充电插头具有自锁紧功能。 Insert the charger's waterproof charging plug into the charging interface of the radar detector (see Figure 18 ). The charging plug has a self-locking function.

        电源。 Connect the charger power plug to an AC 220V power source.

        )红灯亮,表示正在充电。 The "charging indicator" (see Figure 18 ) on the charger lights up red, indicating that charging is in progress.

        )由红色转为绿灯,表示完成充电。 The "charging indicator" (see Figure 18 ) changes from red to green to indicate that charging is complete.


        小时。 The recommended charging time for the radar detector battery is 6 hours.

        小时。 After the "charge indicator" turns green, do not continue to power on for more than 6 hours.

        When charging, the charger will dissipate heat due to its own power consumption, and a good ventilation environment should be maintained to prevent the charger from being damaged or reducing its service life.

)显示控制器充电 ( 2 ) Display controller charging

Charging method:

        Remove the display controller charger.

        电源插座,另一端插入显示控制器充电插口,即开始充电,建议充电时间12 h。 Plug one end of the charger into an AC 220V power outlet, and the other end into the charging port of the display controller to start charging. The recommended charging time is 12 hours.

        Check the charging status by displaying the charging indicator in the upper right corner of the controller screen, and remove the charger when fully charged.

定期保养 7.2 Regular maintenance

YSR25 本安型雷达生命探测仪进行开机检查,检查系统工作状态和电池电量,发现电池电量不足应及时充电。 For long-term storage, the YSR25 intrinsically- safe radar life detector should be turned on and checked every month to check the system working status and battery power. If the battery power is insufficient, charge it in time.

运输储存 8 Transportation and storage

运输 8.1 Transportation

8.1.1    When transporting, the radar should be boxed and locked.

8.1.2    装备,防止日晒雨淋、油污、相互碰撞或受重物挤压。 Handle with care, do not intentionally drop, knock or shake the radar equipment to prevent sunlight, rain, oil, collisions or being squeezed by heavy objects.

储存 8.2 Storage

8.2.1    When the radar is not used for a long time, it should be stored in a box .

8.2.2    The place where the radar is stored should be kept as ventilated, dry, clean and dust-free as possible.

补充说明 9 supplementary notes

装备成套清单 9.1 Equipment complete list

1 radar detector

1 display controller

1 spare battery

Radar Detector Charger 1

Display controller charger 1

1 maintenance manual

售后服务 9.2 After- sales service

9.2.1    年。 The warranty period of this equipment is 1 year.

Use only on the ground before stating that safety standards have not been obtained!

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