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Monitoring and analysis system for audio, video and environmental parameters of accident scene

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Chinese name

Monitoring and analysis system for audio, video and environmental parameters of accident scene




北京凌天 ) Topsky ( Beijing Lingtian )


Beijing Lingtian Century Holdings Co., Ltd.

Monitoring and analysis system for audio, video and environmental parameters of accident scene


Command terminal

Smart helmet, portable individual host

I. System Overview

The accident scene audio and video and environmental parameter monitoring and analysis system were developed and designed by Beijing Lingtian Century Holdings Co., Ltd., combined with independent innovations of industry applications, through remote Internet of Things, intelligent processing of audio and video, and integration of environmental data analysis, etc. "Tianyan" system with independent intellectual property rights.

The system uses an embedded high-speed processor and a platform system control unit. It integrates high-definition video, infrared thermal imaging, two-way audio, ambient gas analysis, 4G and MESH wireless communication, GPS / Beidou navigation and other modules into one; Wireless networking for real-time high-definition video, infrared thermal imaging, two-way voice intercom, environmental gas monitoring and other digital information transmission functions; wireless collaborative back-end monitoring and dispatching command platform to achieve remote dispatch and command functions for individual soldier communications; can be widely used in Dangerous rescue, military, fire rescue, emergency accidents, leakage pollution, chemical prevention, safety production operations and other scenarios.

Second, the main function of the system

双模式数据传输 :系统支持4G和MESH两种无线传输模式,可组网多台单兵数据实现无线传输功能。 1. Dual-mode data transmission : The system supports two wireless transmission modes, 4G and MESH, which can form data for multiple soldiers to achieve wireless transmission.

双镜头视频显示 :系统支持高清视频和红外热成像两种视频监控,实现画中画显示模式,红外热成像具备测温模式。 2. Dual-lens video display : The system supports two types of video monitoring, high-definition video and infrared thermal imaging, to achieve picture-in-picture display mode, and infrared thermal imaging has a temperature measurement mode.

音视频在线监控 :部署数字化多模单兵通讯系统,指挥员可通过指挥终端对前方单兵装备进行实时音视频监测,使其观察和判断现场实况,及时掌握现场全局动态。 3. Online audio and video monitoring : Digital multi-mode individual soldier communication system is deployed. The commander can conduct real-time audio and video monitoring of the individual soldiers' equipment in front of the command terminal so that they can observe and judge the actual situation on the site and grasp the global dynamics of the site in time.

有毒有害气体及环境监测 :可实时探测现场的有毒有害气体、温湿度等环境参数,无线传输到指挥终端,及时了解现场环境状态。 4. Toxic and harmful gas and environment monitoring : It can detect the toxic and harmful gas, temperature and humidity and other environmental parameters on the spot in real time, and wirelessly transmit to the command terminal to understand the on-site environment status in time.

多平台系统指挥 :系统采用指挥终端和指挥中心多平台监控,可实时查看前方单兵作战情况,实现“三位一体”现代化系统指挥。 5. Multi-platform system command : The system adopts command terminal and command center multi-platform monitoring, which can check the combat situation of individual soldiers in front of it in real time, and realize the "Trinity" modern system command.

实时定位 :系统内置GPS定位模块,利用无线模块将位置信息实时发送到指挥终端,指挥终端可根据定位所谓位置查看不同区域所感知的不同数据。 6. Real-time positioning : The system has a built-in GPS positioning module. The wireless module is used to send the position information to the command terminal in real time. The command terminal can view the different data perceived by different areas according to the positioning.

Third, system characteristics

专业单兵通信系统,包含单兵主机,指挥终端与智能头盔。 1. Professional individual communication system, including individual host, command terminal and intelligent helmet.

单兵头盔双镜头显示,高清摄像头和红外热成像一体化集成,画中画显示模式。 2. Single helmet dual lens display, HD camera and infrared thermal imaging integrated integration, picture-in-picture display mode.

主机双模式数据传输,支持4G和MESH两种无线传输模式。 3. Host dual mode data transmission, support 4G and MESH two wireless transmission modes.

支持多台单兵装置快速组网,跨区域无缝传输。 4. Support the rapid networking of multiple individual soldiers and seamless transmission across regions.

支持恶劣环境监测,气体环境数据实时传输指挥终端。 5. Supports harsh environment monitoring and command terminal for real-time transmission of gas environment data.

系统配置简单,开机即可使用。 6. The system is simple to configure and ready for use.

支持双码流编码,可远程实时录像存储。 7. Support dual-stream encoding, can be stored remotely in real time.

内置高灵敏度GPS/北斗定位模块,可准确定位设备信息并上传指挥中心 8. Built-in high-sensitivity GPS / BeiDou positioning module, can accurately locate equipment information and upload to the command center

全方位通信,可以在高速移动或城市建筑物遮挡情况下,实时稳定传输音频和视频、环境信息。 9. All-round communication, it can transmit audio, video, and environmental information in real time under the condition of high-speed movement or occlusion of urban buildings.

内置大容量锂电池( DC12V/30Ah )、连续工作时间不低于6小时。 10. Built-in large-capacity lithium battery ( DC12V / 30Ah ), continuous working time is not less than 6 hours.

内置高保真数码立体声传输,指挥终端清晰明了。 11. Built-in high-fidelity digital stereo transmission, the command terminal is clear and clear.

散热片式铝材机壳,防潮、防震、抗冲击。 12. Radiator-type aluminum housing, moisture-proof, shock-proof, impact-resistant.

设备本质安全,通过防爆认证。 13. The equipment is intrinsically safe and has passed explosion-proof certification.

System technical parameters

Smart helmet parameters:

视频模式 Video mode

High-definition visible light and infrared thermal imaging video, picture-in-picture display mode

图像格式 Image format  

NTSC 复合视频 PAL or NTSC composite video  

图像质量 Image quality  

分辨率,红外热成像为 160*120 分辨率 HD visible light with 1920X1080 resolution, infrared thermal imaging with 160 * 120 resolution

Temperature measurement mode

° C Built-in temperature measurement module, can monitor up to 150 ° C

Compression standard  

MPEG2 MPEG4 compatible with MPEG2

Encoding rate  

20Mbps 1 to 20Mbps

Voice input  

Dual-channel 12dBm

Voice coding  

128Kbps stereo  

AV interface  

RCA @ 75 ohm aviation plug

Individual host parameters

单兵主机: Single Host:   1-4 (optional)

working frequency  

928MHz 902 928MHz

Channel bandwidth  

5/10 / 20MHz

传输模式 Transmission mode

MESH 两种无线模式,可切换传输 Built-in 4G and MESH wireless modes, switchable transmission

★ Network mode

快速自动组网 Support MESH fast automatic networking

Antenna interface  

SMA RF Female

Receive antenna

2 antennas


度天线 360 degree omnidirectional antenna

Environmental detection parameters

★ H2S (hydrogen sulfide)


CO(一氧化碳) CO (carbon monoxide)


CO 2 (二氧化碳) CO 2 (carbon dioxide)

0-5% VOL

CH4(甲烷) CH4 (methane)

0-100% VOL


0-100% RH


-20-100 ℃

Wireless communication command terminal parameters

尺寸 size  

19-inch daylight industrial LED screen



operating system

Windows platform

控制 Control   mode

Command terminal or command center  

接受模式 Acceptance Mode

MESH 两种无线模式,可切换接受 Built-in 4G and MESH wireless modes, switchable acceptance

网络接口 network interface

Ethernet10 / 100Base-T, RJ45

Power supply  

交流适配器接交流市电 Connect AC mains through AC220V AC adapter

Built-in battery

Built-in battery DC12V / 30Ah

Machine power consumption  

Power consumption <80W

防护等级 Protection level


电池供电工作时间 Battery-powered working time

> 6 hours

Battery charging time

<3 hours

Mechanical characteristics:

整机尺寸 Overall machine size

* 55 × 30 × 25cm Length * width * height 55 × 30 × 25cm

整机重量 Weight of whole machine


Operating temperature  

C 60 ° C -25 ° C 60 ° C

Working humidity  

80 %  

平台参数(可选) Platform parameters (optional)

平台 Digital Individual Soldier Communication System Platform

PC side


Alibaba Cloud Server


System Configuration

智能单兵头盔×1台 1.Smart single helmet × 1

便携式数字化单兵主机 ×1台 2.Portable digital individual host x 1

无线通讯指挥终端平台 ×1台 3.Wireless communication command terminal platform x 1

喊话终端 ×1个 4.Shouting terminal × 1

GPS定位模块 ×1个 5. GPS positioning module × 1



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